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Our story

The Love of the Game Podcast was founded by a group of passionate basketball enthusiasts who recognized a need for more comprehensive coverage of Georgia basketball. The team’s shared love for the game and commitment to excellence drives their tireless efforts to deliver high-quality content to listeners. With a focus on in-depth analysis and insider access, the Love of the Game Podcast has quickly become a go-to source for Georgia basketball news and commentary.

Our Vision

Our vision at Love of the Game Podcast is to become the premier source for comprehensive coverage of Georgia basketball. We aim to provide listeners with unparalleled insights into the game, while fostering a community of passionate basketball fans. Through our commitment to excellence, we strive to be the go-to destination for anyone seeking in-depth analysis and insider access to the basketball scene in Georgia.

Our Mission

At Love of the Game Podcast, our mission is to provide our listeners with comprehensive coverage of the Georgia basketball scene at the high school and college levels. We are committed to delivering insightful analysis, insider access, and engaging commentary that informs and entertains our audience. Through exclusive interviews and in-depth profiles, we strive to promote and celebrate the passion, skill, and dedication of Georgia’s basketball community.

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